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How does this work, what is a Penisfactor?

The Problem: One guy has a 7.5 inch size dick, the second ones' is 6.1". Now the first one never misses a chance to let everybody know. Nice for him. But totally left behind is: what about the proportion, the penisfactor, the actual "size"? Is the 7.5 dick of the one 6'6" guy really bigger than the 6.1" dick of the 5'0"? Looking at the body in its entirely, the 5'0" has the bigger one.

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This is your resource! From now on you no longer ask "what's your size", you ask "what's your penisfactor?", for a comprehensive comparison!

This is a Formula, as described by the mathematican and astronomer Johannes Kepler (read about ways to calculate the volume of complex cylinders here):


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Body Height  ft. in.
Penis diameter at the glans in Inches "
Penis diameter right in the middle in Inches
Penis diameter at the Penis radix in Inches "
Penis length in Inches "



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